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Past Master

Robert Moffat
Petition book no. 1

Applied to join  10th June 1919
Enquiry held   17th June 1919
Ballot taken  24th June 1919

Dates of Degrees:-
Initiated  24th June 1919
Passed  8th July 1919
Raised   9th August 1919
Mark Degree  10th October 1919

Offices Held:-

Installed as Chaplin 26th December 1919
Installed as Inner Guard 24th December 1920
Installed as Junior Deacon 23rd December 1921
Installed as Senor Deacon 7th December 1927
Installed as WSW 21st December 1928
Re-Installed as WSW 25th December 1929
Installed as RWM 24th December 1930
Re-Installed as RWM 30th December 1931
Re-Installed as Inner Guard 23rd December 1935
Re-Installed as Inner Guard 26th December 1936
Re-Installed as Junior Deacon 21st December 1937
Re-Installed as Inner Guard 20th December 1938
Re-Installed as Junior Deacon 5th December 1939
Re-Installed as Chaplin 7th December 1940
Re-Installed as Junior Deacon 26th December 1942
Installed as WJW 31st December 1955

Installing Masters:

1930:-  Bro.John Gould PM 374                 1931:- Bro.John Barr PM
                                                                                   Bro.Robert Burnett PM

Honorary Membership:-
Information not available at time of publishing

Information not available at time of publishing

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