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Past Master

Robert Burnett
Petition book no. 102

Applied to join 5th March 1924
Enquiry held  24th March 1924
Ballot taken  2nd April 1924

Dates of Degrees:-
Initiated  2nd April 1924
Passed  3rd September 1924
Raised   1st October 1924
Mark Degree  3rd December 1924

Offices Held:-

Installed as SD 18th December 1925
Installed as RWM 24th December 1926
Installed as Treasurer 11th December 1929
Re-Installed as Treasurer 26th December 1930
Re-Installed as Treasurer 30th December 1931
Re-Installed as Treasurer 21st December 1932
Re-Installed as SD 21st December 1937
Re-Installed as RWM December 1938
Re-Installed as RWM December 1939
Re-Installed as RWM December 1940
Re-Installed as RWM December 1941
Installed as Inner Guard 17th December 1960

Installing Masters:

1926: Bro John Gould PM
1938: Bro John Barr PM
1939: Bro John Barr PM
1940: Bro Robert Walker PM
1941: Bro Robert Walker PM

Honorary Membership:-
Information not available at time of publishing

Information not available at time of publishing

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