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Past Master

Richard Ralston
Petition book no. (Affiliate Member)

Master Mason of Lodge St Clair Cambusnethan No.427
Applied to Join Lodge St Clair 22nd April 1953
Initiated into Lodge St Clair 5th August 1953:  Roll Number 3468
Passed to FC degree  23rd September 1953
Raised to MM degree 14th November 1953 by Lodge St Clair Dysart No520
Advanced to MMM degree 3rd March 1954
Applied to affiliate to 1186  2nd October 1958

Offices Held:-

Bro Ralston took up the post of acting Inner Guard for appx 4 weeks
before being installed as RWM.

Installed as RWM 20th December 1958
Re-Installed as RWM 26th December 1959
Installed as Steward 16th December 1961
Re-Installed as Steward 21st December 1963
Installed as Almoner 19th December 1964
Installed as Secretary 18th December 1965
Re-Installed as Secretary 17th December 1966
Re-Installed as Secretary 16th December 1967
Re-Installed as Secretary 21st December 1968
Installed as Bible Bearer 19th December 1970
Installed as Marshall 22nd February 1997
Installed as Tyler 28th February 1998
Installed as Jeweller 27th February 1999
Re-Installed as Jeweller 26thFebruary 2000
Installed as Chaplain 24th February 2001
Installed as Jeweller 23rd February 2002
Installed as Tyler 28th February 2004
Installed as Jeweller 26th February 2005
Installed as Junior Deacon 25th February 2006
Installed as Jeweller 24th February 2007
Installed as Tyler 23rd February 2008
Re-Installed as Tyler 28th February 2009
Installed as DM 27th February 2010
Installed as Tyler 26th February 2011
Re-Installed as Tyler 25th February 2012

Re-Installed as RWM February 2018

Installing Masters:

1958:- Bro.Robert Beveridge PM 827               1959:- Bro.William Abbott PM
            Bro.Andrew Wright PM 827                                Bro.John Richardson PM

2018:- Bro. Murray Robertson PM

            Bro. David O'Neill PM374

Honorary Membership:-
Past Provincial Grand Senior Warden
Honorary Grand Rank of Senior Deacon
Torphichen Kilwinning No13  - 5th March 2013

Forth Valley Rose Croix


60year diploma presented by Mother Lodge

St Clair Cambusnethan No427

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