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Past Master

Norman Philip John McLean
Petition book no. 589

Applied to join  18th January 1979
Enquiry held  29th January 1979
Ballot taken  1st March 1979

Dates of Degrees:-

Initiated  3rd May 1979
Passed  6th September 1979
Raised  1st November 1979
Mark Degree  17th January 1980

Offices Held:-

Installed as Steward 23rd February 1980
Installed as Bible Bearer 28th February 1981
Installed as Inner Guard 27th February 1982
Installed as Chaplain 23rd February 1991
Installed as Inner Guard 29th February 1992
Installed as Junior Deacon 27th February 1993
Installed as Senior Deacon 26th February 1994
Installed as WJW 25th February 1995
Installed as WSW 24th February 1996
Installed as RWM 22nd February 1997
Installed as Treasurer 28th February 1998
Installed as Treasurer  27th February 1999
Installed as Treasurer  26th February 2000
Installed as Treasurer  24th February 2001
Installed as Treasurer  23rd February 2002
Installed as Treasurer  February 2003
Installed as Treasurer  28th February 2004
Installed as Treasurer  26th February 2005
Installed as Treasurer  25th February 2005

Installing Masters:

Bro.John Denholm PM
Bro.Thomas White PM

Honorary Membership:-

St John Crofthead Fauldhouse 374

Information not available at time of publishing

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