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Past Master

John B. Murray
Petition book no. 613

Applied to join 19th February 1981
Enquiry held  2nd March 1981
Ballot taken  19th March 1981


Dates of Degrees:-

Initiated   7th May 1981
Passed  1st October 1981
Raised    5th November 1981
Mark Degree  3rd February 1982

Offices Held:-

Installed as Sword Bearer 27th February 1982
Installed as Junior Deacon 26th February 1983
Installed as Senior Deacon 25th February 1984
Installed as WJW 23rd February 1985
Installed as WSW 22nd February 1986
Installed as RWM 28th February 1987
Re-Installed as RWM 27th February 1988
Installed as Standard Bearer 23rd February 1991
Installed as Architect 27th February 1993
Re-Installed as Architect 26th February 1994

Installing Masters:

1987:- Bro.Alex Stirling PM          
          Bro.Robert MoffatPM

1988:- Bro.Robert MoffatPM
          Bro.Joe Marshall PM

Honorary Membership:-
St John Shotts  471  in 1987


Entered Polkemmet R.A.C. 23rd January 1996

Entered Torphichen Preceptory  5th December 1997
Joined Lodge and Council Fauldhouse 29th January 1998
Prov G.Inner Guard  6th February 1998
Joined Mount Moriah Cryptic Council 2nd March 1998
Made Knight of Malta  3rd April 1998
Joined St Giles Conclave No2 on 19th July 1998

1st ADC in Preceptory   2nd October 1998

Marshall in Preceptory  5th November 1999

Provincial Marshall  4th February 2000

Sub Preceptor Torphichen  6th October 2000

Preceptor of Torphichen  5th October 2001

Joined Royal Order of Scotland  6th November 2002

Most Excellent Master in Cryptic Council in Herts  13th September 2003

Joined Albric Festival Lodge No 9576   8th March 2004

Founder Member of Staffs and Shrops Royal Order of Scotland  24th July 2004

Joined Noah's Ark Lodge of Mark Master Masons No 1401  3rd March 2005
Installed as Master of Albric Festival Lodge No 9576  8th Sept 2008
Installed as Master of Noah's Ark Lodge of Mark Masters No1401  3rd Nov 2009
Reinstalled as Master of Noah's Ark Lodge  4th Nov 2010
Invested as Junior Warden of the Wrekin Lodge of Royal Ark Mariners No1129  29th April 2011
Invested as Provincial Grand Steward of the Mark Province of Staffordshire and Shropshire  4th Nov 2011
Invested as Past Prov. Grand Senior Deacon (Mark) 31st Oct 2013
Installed as Commander of Wrekin Lodge RAMs No1129 on 26th April 2013
Invested as Past Prov. Grand Junior Deacon (Craft) on 12th April 2014

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