Past Master

James McIntyre
Petition book no. 153

Applied to join  2nd May 1942
Enquiry held  16th May 1942
Ballot taken  5th September 1942

Dates of Degrees:-
Initiated  5th September 1942
Passed  3rd October 1942
Raised   24th October 1942
Mark Degree  4th February 1943

Offices Held:-

Installed as WJW 18th December 1943
Installed as WSW 23rd December 1944
Installed as RWM 29th December 1945
Sadly passed away to the grand lodge above between 17-25/1/46

Installing Masters:

Bro.William Hossack PM
Bro.James Maxton PM 226
Bro.Abie Rabstaff PM 1209

Honorary Membership:-
Information not available at time of publishing

Information not available at time of publishing

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