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Past Master

George Neill
Petition book no. 560

Applied to join 19th February 1976
Enquiry held  1st March 1976
Ballot taken 18th March 1976

Dates of Degrees:-
Initiated  18th November 1976
Passed  3rd December 1976
Raised   6th January 1977
Mark Degree  26th May 1977

Offices Held:-

Installed as Steward 25th Feb 1978
Installed as Inner Guard 24th February 1979
Installed as Senior Deacon 23rd February 1980
Installed as WJW 28th February 1981
Installed as WSW 27th Fbruary 1982
Installed as RWM  26th February 1983
Installed as Steward 23rd February 1985
Installed as Almoner 28th February 1987
Installed as Secretary 27th February 1988
Installed as Secretary 25th February 1989
Installed as Secretary 24th February 1990
Installed as Secretary 23rd February 1991
Installed as Jeweller 25th February 2006
Installed as WJW 24th February 2007
Installed as WSW 23rd February 2008
Installed as SM March 2012
Installed as SM 23rd February 2013
Installed as Treasurer 22nd February 2014
Re-Installed as Treasurer 28th February 2015
Re-Installed as Treasurer 27th February 2016
Installed as RWM 25th February 2017

Installed as Treasurer 24th February 2018

Installed as Treasurer 23rd February 2019

Installed as Treasurer 29th February 2020

Installing Masters:

Bro.James Robertson PM
Bro.Thomas Duncan PM

Bro Andrew McLachlan PM
Bro Murray Robertson PM
Bro Murray Brown PM

Honorary Membership:-
Lodge Salfire No1505

Burnvale RAC 379

Forth Preceptory 

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