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Past Master

George Brown

Petition book no. 189

Applied to join  3rd April 1943
Enquiry held  10th April 1943
Ballot taken 17th April 1943

Dates of Degrees:-
Initiated  24th April 1943
Passed  15th May 1943
Raised   11th June 1943
Mark Degree  4th September 1943

Offices Held:-

Installed as Inner Guard December 1947
Installed as Junior deacon December 1948
Installed as Senior Deacon December 1949
Installed as WSW December 1950
Installed as RWM  29th December 1951
Installed as Secretary 27th December 1952
Re-Installed as Secretary 26th December 1953
Re-Installed as Secretary 25th December 1954
Re-Installed as Secretary 31st December 1955
Re-Installed as RWM 22nd December 1956
Installed as Steward 28th December 1957
Re-Installed as Secretary 20th December 1958

Installing Masters:

1951:- Bro.William Abbott PM                   1956:- Bro.John Splitt PM 13
            Bro.Robert Ross PM 927                            Bro.John Hunter PM 13

Honorary Membership:-
Information not available at time of publishing

Information not available at time of publishing

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