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Past Master

Andrew Chisolm McLachlan
Petition book no. 709

Applied to join 21st September 1995
Enquiry held  2nd October 1995
Ballot taken  19th October 1995

Dates of Degrees:-

Initiated  18th January 1996
Passed  15th February 1996
Raised 7th March 1996
Mark Degree 21st November 1996

Offices Held:-

Installed as Bible Bearer 28th February 1998
Installed as Inner Guard February 1999
Installed as RWM  22nd February 2003
Installed as WJW 25th February 2006
Installed as WSW 24th February 2007
Installed as RWM 23rd February 2008
Installed as Treasurer 28th February 2009
Installed as Treasurer 27th February 2010
Installed as Treasurer 26th February 2011
Installed as treasurer 25th February 2012
Installed as Tyler 23rd February 2013
Installed as WJW 22nd February 2014

Installed as  WJW 28th February 2015

Installed as WJW 27th February 2016

Installed as WSW 25th February 2017

Installed as WJW 23rd February 2019

Installed as WJW 29th February 2020

Installing Masters:


2008: PM Bro Alan Borsbey
         PM Bro Thomas Doherty
         PM Bro Murray Brown

Honorary Membership:-
Lodge Lord Bruce No 1601 - 22nd Sept 2008

Information not available at time of publishing

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