Centenary Celebrations Saturday 4th May 2019

100 and Counting



Bro. Jamie A. Rafferty


Power of the Internet

The internet does it again!  Thanks to PM Bro Bobby McIntyre, the pictures above were handed in. The oldest photography that the lodge has of any Past Master (on the left PM Bro Robert Moffat 1930-32). Middle PM Bro Jim McIntyre 1949 (First colour photo). Right PM Jim McIntyre Snr 1946 socialising.
Bobby regularly visits the website to keep up to date with whats happening in the lodge. A BIG thank you for these photos Bobby.



Lodge St John Stoneyburn meets in the Masonic Hall in Stoneyburn Main Street (Next to the community Centre) every 1st and 3rd Thursdays from September to April. Lodge Now tyles at 7.30pm prompt , Visitations made fraternally welcome between 7.30pm and 8pm. 

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A warm welcome to our newly designed web page. 

Lodge St John Stoneyburn  celebrated our Centenary within the Hilcroft Hotel on Saturday 4th May 2019. The ceremony was conducted by The Grand Lodge of Scotland in an excellent manner.

It has been argued that regulated Freemasonry in Scotland is older than in any other part of the British Isles. The connection between the craft of stonemasonry and modern Freemasonry can be readily established in Scotland. This direct connection can be traced from the oldest Masonic written records in the world, which are the property of the Grand Lodge of Scotland in Edinburgh.

If you are a non mason, we extend a very warm welcome and hope that you gain some additional knowledge of the charitable work and values which we, as freemasons, practice on a daily basis.

We have no bias, so whatever religion, colour, creed, ethnic background  you belong to , as long as you have values and strict morals you are made most welcome to join. Only one caveat, you must be a man.

We hope you find our site of some value. There is nothing on this site which is obtrusive , offensive or contradictory to any religion.  Any external content is not the responsibility or views of the lodge .

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