60 Years of Loyal Freemasonry

In March of 2005 the lodge received a letter from Old Inverness Kilwinning St John No.6, informing the lodge that one of their Past Masters, Bro Thomas Barr (83yrs), master mason of St John Stoneyburn 1186, was celebrating his 60th year in freemasonry. The brethren of 1186, excited at this prospect, arranged with the RWM of St John Inverness to be present at a regular meeting on Saturday 15th October 2005, where RWM Brother Thomas Doherty would present the Diamond Certificate to Brother Barr.


Bro Barr Masonic History:-
Brother Thomas Barr, son of the late John Barr PM 1920-21, petition book 231, applied to join
the lodge on the 3rd February 1945.  The enquiry meeting was held after the regular meeting
on the same date.
The ballot was found clear in respect of Brother Barr and three other brethren on the 17th
February 1945.

In those days , Brother Barr was initiated  on the same day as his ballot, which was conducted
by RWM Bro William Abbott and his very able team of office bearers.
Collection for the evening received the sum of 7/2.5 (seven shillings and two and a half pence).

On the 3rd March 1945, Bro Barr was passed to the  FC degree by his father, Bro John Barr
and his team of office bearers.
Collection for the evening received the sum of 9/9 (nine shillings and nine pence)

Bother Barr was raised to a Master Mason on the 2nd May 1945 by RWM Bro William Abbott. Collection received the sum of 12/10 (twelve shillings and 10 pence).

17 Candidates (including Bro Thomas Barr) were advanced to  M M Mason on the 3rd November 1945 by PM Bro John Barr and his office bearers. The collection recieved the very fine sum of  21/- (One pound and one shilling).

Bro Barr was then elected as Bible Bearer that same year and was installed into the position on the 29th December 1945.

Brother Barr continued to serve his mother lodge faithfully  for a further 23 years before affliliating to Old Inverness Kilwinning St John No.6 .

What was 1186's loss was certainly No.6's gain.

Bro Barr continued where he had left off  and actively participated in the running of Old Inverness. He attained the rank of RWM in 1989, a post which he held for 2 years.
Bro Barr also attained the rank of Depute Provincial Grand Master of Inverness-shire.

pm Roll of Past Masters No.6

Past Master Thomas Barr 1989 - 1991

A credit  to St John Stoneyburn, Old Inverness Kilwinning St John and more particularly to Scottish Freemasonry in general

Congratulations Bro Barr on your Diamond Anniversary.

The Visit:-
15 brethren made the visit up to Inverness (13 from St John Stoneyburn, 1 from St James 590 Harthill and 1 from Lodge Lord Bruce 1601).

Please click on the photos to enlarge

drunks4 drunks1
Raring to go!
Anyone for a wee dram?
Jimmy Robertson (Co-Pilot)
George Neil & Tommy Duncan
Up for a song?
Taxi for Ronnie Gemmill
TamWhite- "Who round is it?"

Too much for George Neil
Whos holding up the traffic?

After a 5 hr journey (1.5hr stop over in Pitlochry for some much needed refreshment), we finally arrived at our destination....

The Accomodation:-

The Redcliffe Hotel
Kinkell Guest House

11 of the brethren stayed at the Redcliffe Hotel  (appx  40mtrs from the lodge) whilst the remaining 4 brethren stayed at the Kinkell guest house (owned by the same proprietors)

The Lodge:-

Office bearers & brethren of No6
and 1186 with RWPGM of Inverness-shire and Thomas Barr
Bro Thomas Barr receiving his 60th
Certificate from RWM Bro Thomas Doherty
RWM Bro H Fraser MacKenzie
with Bro Barr and RWM T Doherty

The following pictures are original tracing boards which the lodge no longer use and date back to the 17th Centuary.
They are located behind the curtains located in the east.

Circa 1681
Circa 1705
Circa 1720

Following the meeting, the brethren enjoyed an hour or three of lodge hospitality

George, Murray, Tam and Jazz with
me (Alan) behind the camera
Top table hospitality
Only the hardened drinkers remain at the end of the night!!
hotel hotel
Tam , Junior (590), Alan
We are Merry Masons Oh! Ian Redpath

The following pictures show the "Old" Past Master Jewel design.
Bro Barr wears his fathers past master Jewel on one side with his own past masters Jewel of No.6  on the other

Ribbon detailsof the old 1186 PM jewel
Jewel details of the old 1186 PM jewel

A great weekend was had by all who travelled to Inverness.

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