Masonic History

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Thomas Scott Doherty
Petition book no. 502
Applied to join 15th February 1970
Enquiry held 2nd March 1970
Ballot taken 5th March 1970

Dates of Degrees:-
Initiated 19th March 1970
Passed 16th April 1970
Raised 3rd September
Mark Degree taken in Lodge Mauldslie Castle No. 1630 on 11th April 1972

Offices Held:-
Installed as Inner Guard 19th December 1970
Installed as Junior Deacon 26th February 1972
Installed as WJW 24th February 1973
Installed as WSW 23rd February 1974
Installed as RWM 22nd Febraury 1975
Re-Installed as RWM 28th February 1976
Installed as Substitute Master 23rd February 1985
Installed as Substitute Master 24th February 1996
Installed as Junior Deacon 27th February 2002
Installed as WSW 26th February 2003
Installed as RWM 28th February 2004
Re-Installed as RWM 26th February 2005
Installed as SM 24th February 2007
Installed as DM 23rd February 2008
Installed as DOC 28th February 2009

Installing Masters:

1976:- Bro.Thomas White PM
          Bro.John Baird
          Bro.James Robertson
2004:- Bro.Ronald Gemmill PM
          Bro.John Denholm PM
          Bro.John Mushet PM
2005:- Bro.Ronald Gemmill PM
          Bro.John Denholm PM
          Bro.John Mushet PM

Honorary Membership:-
Lodge St John Shotts No.471 October 28th 1976
Lodge St John Midcalder No.272 October 4th 1983
Lodge Polkemmet Whitburn No.927 October 29th 1984
Lodge Blackridge No.1145 November 11th 1984
Lodge Kirkton Hall No.1614 Boghall February 25th 1985
Lodge St John Crofthead No.374 Fauldhouse March 27th 2003
Lodge St James Harthill No.590 January 5th 2004
Lodge St John Slamannan No.484 September 21st 2005
Lodge Lord Bruce No.1601 October 25th 2005
Lodge Murdostoun Castle No.1096  November 8th 2005
Lodge Hopebridge Castle No.827 September 9th 2009
Lodge Almondale No.1658 on April 24th 2012

Honorary Provincial Grand Junior Warden
Conferred by RWPGM  Bro.Gavin McDonald February 6th 1999

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Burnvale Royal Arch Chapter No.397 Mid Calder 24th February 1977
Received Cork Degree in the Dale Chapter No.517 Armadale

Reponing member of  Lodge Allan Wilson No.851  7th February 2008   



RWM 1975/76

TommyDoc Office Bearers 1975
Installation Program 1975
Office Bearers 1975
RWM 1976/77

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Installation Program 1976
Office Bearers 1976
RWM 2004/05

2004 Program 2004 Program
Installation Program 2004
Office Bearers 2004
RWM 2005/06
2005 Program 2005 Office bearers
Installation Program 2005 Office Bearers 2004
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