Masonic History

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John Barr
Petition book no. (Founder Member)

Offices Held:-
Appointed Chairman at the First minuted Meeting 29th Sept 1918
Installed as WSW 26th December 1919
Installed as RWM 24th December 1920
d as RWM 22nd December 1922
Installed as Secretary 21st Dec 1928
Re-Installed as Secretary 11th December 1929
Installed as Secretary 26th December 1930
Installed as Secretary 30th December 1931
Re-Installed as RWM 21st December 1932
Re-Installed as RWM December 1933

Installing Masters:
1920:- Bro.John Gould PM 374         1922:-Bro.John Gould PM 374
                                                               Bro.Hendry Boyd PM 374
                                                               Bro.James Graham PM 374
1932:- Bro.John Gould PM 374         1933:- No Record
          Bro Weir PM 374
          Bro Russell PM 374

Honorary Membership:-

Information not available at time of Publishing

Information not available at time of Publishing


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