20 Year Itch

I would like to take this opportunity to thank every brother who attended the Installation at the lodge on Saturday 22nd February. What a great day was had by all, Myself especially.
I joined this fine lodge some 20years ago, and through work commitments I was unable to progress my masonic career at that time. Since the lodge changed its tyle time, it has allowed me to return to the lodge and progress to this high and venerable position and I would like to thank the brethren of the lodge for their support and encouragement by allowing me to achieve this goal. To my installing masters PM Bro Murray Robertson and PM Bro Thomas Duncan, you did me proud with an amazing installing ceremony.
We had 92 brethren visit the lodge on Saturday of which there were 74 visitors. 10 reigning masters from within the province and 1 from without. I was lucky in that my installing masters allowed my family to take part as WJW and WSW. As the RWPGM stated, our lodge was full of Men of "Steel" and the degree was Super....Man. (groan!)
I shall endeavour to carry the good name of this lodge in as many visitations as I can and I can only hope to emulate our IPM Bro Peter Walker whose work over the last 2 years has been absolutely phenomenal.
In my customary Voice......"I'd like to Welcome you all to our wee lodge and hope that your stay will be one of Profit as well as Pleasure".
I look forward to greeting you all, as we start a new chapter in our lodges history, One that has taken 20 years to achieve
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Sad and Doleful Tidings

Brethren, The lodge is extremely sad to announce the passing to the Grand Lodge Above of PM Bro George Murray WSW. George worked tirelessly for our lodge and agreed to take the chair again at the next installation, this being 50yrs since he came off it. Unfortunately George passed away doing what he loved best...playing a round of Golf. At this time we would like to thank all of the sister lodges for their messages of support to our lodge and also to George's wife Anne. This news has devastated the brethren of our lodge. George was hugely respected throughout the Province. Big in stature with a Big, Warm Heart.
Forever in our thoughts.
Now Rest in Sweet Repose thy dearly Beloved Brother.........

Dramatic degree

What an amazing night of fundraising last night (12th) for our dramatic degree.

A full report on our fundraising activities for Provincial can be found here

The Power of the Internet

The internet does it again!  Thanks to PM Bro Bobby McIntyre, the pictures below were handed in. The oldest photography that the lodge has of any Past Master (on the left PM Bro Robert Moffat 1930-32). Middle PM Bro Jim McIntyre 1949 (First colour photo). Right PM Jim McIntyre Snr 1946 socialising.
Bobby regularly visits the website to keep up to date with whats happening in the lodge. A BIG thank you for these photos Bobby.
rmoffat30  J
                    McIntyre1949  jmcintyre46

Mark Your Diaries


Lodge St John Stoneyburn meets in the Masonic Hall in Stoneyburn Main Street (Next to the community Centre) every 1st and 3rd Thursdays from September to April. Lodge Now tyles at 7.30pm prompt , Visitations made fraternally welcome between 7.30pm and 8pm. (Map available here)

Haste Ye Back

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